The State That I Am In: Looking Ahead to 2013

Up until now, I’ve used my Tumblr as a sort of extended “TODO” list, posting links, videos, and other things I planned to read at some point but didn’t necessarily want to add to my Instapaper account. In 2013, I’m changing that and making my Tumblr my primary web identity.¬†

Outside of my day job working for the Guggenheim, here are the two big web projects I am involved with and what my plans for them are in the new year:

A few weeks ago I announced that, the music blog I created 10 years ago would be shutting down its digital operation and become a print only entity in 2013. We will be creating one print issue hopefully in the summer and see how it goes from there.

This definitely was not an easy decision for me - 10 years is a long freaking time! - but I felt like it was the right one. I do still love music and plan to write about it on the Tumblr and maybe somewhere else if the mood strikes me.

Empty Growler
The craft beer blog I co-founded with good friend Joe Long. With Donewaiting shutting down I plan to write more on Empty Growler, focusing more on interviews and longer features about the beer industry.

Empty Growler is an extension of my love of craft beer, and in 2012 I started to homebrew with spurts of success and failure. This year I plan to ramp up homebrewing production, and move from 1 gallon batches to 5 gallon. Will this put me on an eventual path of earning some sort of income in the future? I’d like to explore that idea a bit.

Which brings us to the Tumblr. While I do plan to write longer things on Empty Growler, my hope is to create things in this space that are more substantial than just posting a link. ¬†Whether it’s about music, beer, or my new quest to brew the perfect cup of coffee, I’ll be writing about it here. I have a wireless keyboard for my iPad and I’m really going to try and make use of that, seeing if I can free myself of my laptop as much as possible.

Not gonna lie - I’m still going post corgi photos and other random stuff here, but hopefully the ratio will fall in the favor of original content. But damn! Corgis are cute, especially mine. :)